Colored Light Therapy Has Changed My Life

I had a migraine headache during Yoga class and the practitioner offered Colopuncture Light Therapy. I was skeptical at first but amazed by the results!  
Due to this experience, I researched Colored Light Therapy and began certification training in February of 2015. l haven't had a migraine since procuring my own light kit!

In July 2015, I began feeling poorly. Unbeknownst to me, I had been bitten by a tick. I developed Lyme Disease. My diagnosis was delayed. The Lyme manifested into Bacterial and Viral Meningitis. By the time it was identified, I had Bell’s Palsy and other grave side effects. The infection and bacteria had breached the Blood/Brain Barrier.  I am extremely fortunate to have survived.   
Throughout my illness, I supplemented the medical treatments prescribed by Neurologists and Infectious Disease Specialists with Light Therapy.
I attribute Colored Light Therapy with not only helping me survive until I could be diagnosed, but aiding my recovery and preventing other serious complications.  
My intention is to share this healing modality with as many people as possible! It's a part of my daily life and I've witnessed and experienced amazing health results through its use. Those results keep me motivated to educate others about this alternative healing method.