Light, Sound & Soul

To Be Determined

Location:  Profoundly Peaceful Massage & Healing

                   KM Plaza - 200 West Summit St., Suite 300   Wales, WI

Transform and Transcend with Guided Imagery, Colored Light Therapy, Sound Healing and Reiki Crystal Healing.
Three practitioners work to bring you rejuvenation, balance and healing! Space is held for 6.

$40 per person cash.

Practitioners offering this event:
Kelly Kehl, Certified Color Light Therapist of Northern Enlightenment,  Wendy Kohlhaas, Sound Practitioner of Celestial Sound & Joelle Peterson, Owner, Reiki Master & Crystal Healer of Profoundly Peaceful Massage & Healing.

RSVP to Kelly Kehl, Call or Text:  262-804-7187 

Location:   Profoundly Peaceful Massage & Healing
KM Plaza - 200 West Summit St., Suite 300,
                     Wales, WI

 As follows:
     Sunday, November 13, 2022
     8:30 & 10:00 Sessions
Reset is a chance for you to do something special for yourself.  Join us for relaxation and rejuvenation with crystals, essential oils, light therapy, guided imagery and reiki.  We can help you wash away stress.   Bring yourself back to where you want to be.
Space is held for 6 people.  Must Register.  $30.00 cash exchange.  
Participants bring their own blanket, mat, pillow and water bottle.

To RSVP or for questions, call/text Joelle at 262-409-1747