20/20 Vision

Astrology & Transcendental Meditation

New Astrology class for beginners and the curious is starting in January!
This monthly series focuses on teaching you how to understand your own birth chart piece by piece and will include a unique, intentional meditation by Kelly Kehl to help integrate what you have learned.
Allow your right and left brain to work in harmony: learning and integrating.
Each month we will focus on a planet, sign, and house and will begin to interweave these concepts together. There will be plenty of time to dive into your own chart and learn what it all means for you.

Contact Lisa Anne at 262 361 2056 or via email at lisaanne@astrologyforthesoul.org

Lisa Anne is a Professional Astrologer and owner of Astrology for the Soul & Pathways of Light.
Kelly Kehl is a Tranceformational Coach, Hypnotherapist and owner of Northern Enlightenment, LLC

at Pathways of Light Wellness Center, Delafield


Light, Sound & Soul

Transform and Transcend with Colored Light Therapy, Sound Healing and Reiki Crystal Healing.
Three practitioners work to bring you rejuvenation, balance and healing! Space is limited.
$30 per person by using PayPal HERE: https://www.profoundlypeacefulmassage.com/events

Practitioners offering this event:
Kelly Kehl, Certified Color Light Therapist of Northern Enlightenment, Mary Beth Rezek, Sound Healer of Profoundly Peaceful Massage & Yoga & Joelle Peterson, Reiki Master & Crystal Healer of Golden Spark Healing.
RSVP to Joelle by emailing JoelleBPeterson@Gmail.com or call 262-409-1747.

Unfolding the Lotus of YOU

Accept this Heart-felt invitation to connect with your soul.

This experiential evolutional Celestial Sound - Holy Fire Reiki - Guided Meditation weaving brings you the harmonic tones of gemstone crystal and Tibetan singing bowls from Wendy K, the deeply multidimensional healing of Holy Fire Reiki with Joelle Peterson as well as colored light therapy and a guided meditation offered by Kelly Kehl to bring you inward so that your best self can shine through. $30 cash exchange.

Reserve your space by reaching Kelly via phone/text or email: 262-804-7187 | NorthrnLites@icloud.com

Fire & Light 

Stay tuned for new date 

Experience deep relaxation and whole body healing with Meditation, Holy Fire Reiki and Light Therapy in this session that will focus on STRENGTH & FORTITUDE. Experience a higher level of healing and a profound sense of inner love and balance.
$30 cash exchange.
Save your spot by call or text to 262-804-7187
or email Kelly at Northrnlites@icloud.com.
or Joelle at JoelleBPeterson@gmail.com.

Fire & Light brought to you by Kelly Kehl, Light Therapist and Joelle Peterson, Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner

"Life provides losses and heartbreak for all of us, but the greatest tragedy is to have the experience and miss the meaning."

                                                                                  ~Robin Roberts

Gift Certificates Available 

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  "Knowing Others is Wisdom. Knowing Yourself  is ENLIGHTENMENT "

                                                                                                ~ Lao Tzu

"Life provides losses and heartbreak for all of us, but the greatest tragedy is to have the experience and miss the meaning."                                                               ~Robin Roberts