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Spring is for Renewal

Since we are fully into the beautiful Spring of the year, I’d like to invite you to shift your focus to Renewal.  Renewal occurs within both nature and ourselves.

Such vibrant energy moves in during the Spring!  Songbirds return singing lyrics of Beauty and the Life Cycle.

Life sprouts from Mother Earth with the shoots of colorful flowers and plants that rise upwards to open themselves to the sunshine.

Spring energy also helps propel and shift positive changes in our lives.  We tend to feel more energized as the days grow longer with light.  I ask you to embrace the changes that come at this time of the year.  Embrace the growth process.

Did you know most of the cells in your body renew: so basically, every 7-8 years you are comprised of new cells? 

The stomach is new every 2-9 days.  The alveoli of the lungs renew in about 8 days.  The small intestine renews in 2-4 days.  The skin, being the largest organ of the body, the barrier between outside and in, is roughly 4% of the cells that renew themselves every single day!

So with these kinds of renewal come new opportunities for growth!

We are offered potentially healthier beginnings for our bodies.  Cells renewing, growing, shifting, changing to create a new you!  What a gift!

I wonder what it will be like when you learn Hypnosis can help you better connect with your body.  You can access the power of your mind to help shift that cellular renewal. 

It’s like planting a garden in your mind and tending it to grow and thrive!

Hypnosis might help you control things like pain, anxiety, stress responses and even potentially control Diabetes.  You can create new, healthier thoughts and patterns of behavior.

Psychology Today reports, “Hypnosis can calm the patient, which helps decrease blood sugar levels.  Hypnosis can be beneficial in the management of diabetes, including through its promotion of improved stress management, diet, exercise, and control of anxiety.”

My own hypnosis experience taught me to manage residual head and neck pain from simultaneous Lyme, bacterial, and viral meningitis. 

Visualization techniques help me relieve stress and allow me to cope more successfully when faced with negative people and situations.

Hypnosis offers many, incredible benefits!

If you’re interested in growing your garden - cultivating body, thoughts or behavior, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Spring!

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