My sessions with Kelly were fabulous.  She was super friendly, professional and knowledgeable in light therapy and hypnosis.  

Kelly's sessions were instrumental in helping me through a very challenging restructure of my business. Since my sessions, I feel like I'm looking at things through a broader lens and have opened up to a next-level awareness.  I continue to experience subtle changes that have been the catalyst for the elevated path I'm currently pursuing.

L.K. Waukesha, WI  2022

"Working with Kelly has been a godsend through personal periods of struggle in a difficult work environment and coping with late-stage cancer.  Her expertise and deep hypnosis has helped me find my 'Happy Place' and grounding during times when my anxiety runs high.  Her caring demeanor and thoughtful follow-up to our sessions means so much to me, and I now consider her part of my health care team.  At my last doctors appointment, my oncologist was so impressed with my opinion of Kelly's work that she added her contact information into her phone to give to other patients who may be interested. 


I'll admit that I was a little skeptical of using color-puncture therapy at first but after a couple sessions now I am more assured that it has merit.   It has helped me pinpoint the sources of issues that I have, and I feel healthier mentally and physically after each time we meet.  I fully endorse Kelly Kehl and Northern Enlightenment and will happily recommend her services to anyone."

Marie - Waukesha, WI (March, 2020)

"I "only" vaped for the past year and a half. Not only was I addicted to nicotine,  I was addicted to the object in my hand, the flavor and the big puff that came out. I tried quitting multiple times. Cold turkey, switching to 0 mg nicotine and only situational vaping. None of it worked. I knew I didn't want nicotine replacement therapy so I figured why not try something people find skeptical! I went to Kelly and she was so kind and eased my feelings about hypnotherapy. I felt comfortable and ready to get rid of the habit and regain my power. I'm one week free of nicotine and the big puff. My cravings have been minimal but they feel more like a lunch break craving than deprived. My withdrawal symptoms were minimal as well. I really only had a migraine. I feel free again! I've gone through withdrawal before and it was nothing this time compared to last time. If someone reads my testimony, I don't want them thinking it's a magic cure because, like Kelly said, it's all up to the person wanting to make that change. I'm doing great!" 

A - Waukesha, WI (received one session) (January, 2019)

"In my first session with Kelly, we addressed some depression and anxiety that I was experiencing with divorce.  I felt weak and powerless.  After her treatment of colorpuncture and hypnosis, I felt a little better but tired and felt that my body was processing a lot of information.  The next day when I woke up I could not believe the change.  It was like the light switch of happiness turned on. I felt strong, empowered and clear-headed. I felt that I can endure the hard work this divorce will take and be able to keep strong for myself and my children.  Kelly - Thank you for turning back on my HAPPY!"

J-  Waukesha County, WI

"I have struggled with a fear of heights half of my life, especially since my kids were born. As the years went by, this fear began growing bigger and bigger the older I got. I even came to point of accepting I was afraid of heights so I avoided it in all areas of my life. Looking back, it really started to control me.

Last month I was invited to go downhill skiing with my family. I so wanted to connect with them and have a new hobby to share with them, but I had this "thing" that prevented me from it. That is until I met with Kelly. 

I went into the session remembering the source of the beginning of the fear/trauma and I was ready to release it but knew I needed help. I quickly told her my story and the root of it and she gently brought me into a relaxed state with her guidance. Soon we were re-wiring this fear in my mind and through this gift of hypnotherapy I was not only able to release the fear, but I then went into the fear that night! I rode the ski lift with my son and with Kelly's words in the back of my mind I was able to see the beauty of this view knowing I was safe, my son was safe and I was free to enjoy the night with him. It was truly incredible. I kept waiting for my stomach to drop, my anxiety to rise and feel the heart palpitations but they never came. I felt so triumphant!! I rode that ski life 7 times that night and we had a blast.

I cannot recommend Kelly more. She is gentle, joyfully radiant, and safe. What a gift this was for me...and my family!

YES to hynotherapy 1000 times over!!! Can't wait to tick away at the other nagging fears I have that are limiting my happiness.

Lisa, Waukesha, WI (January 2018)

"Kelly is amazing! I always feel so much better after a visit. We have worked on mindful eating, being my best me and alleviating stress and anxiety. Between running my company, getting my Master's Degree and raising three boys, sometimes I feel so depleted. After an hour with Kelly, I feel totally relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!"


K. Waukesha WI  

"I've smoked for a lot of years. I needed to quit so I got hypnotized. It took one session to do it. Kelly is the one who helped me through it all the way. I thank her so much for helping me through it all. Thank you."


CS, Waukesha WI  

"Who looks forward to therapy? I do! I have struggled with Hay Fever and terrible foot, hip, and back pain. I finally found an alternative therapy called Colorpuncture. Since May, 2016 (6 months) the crystals and lights have eliminated my allergies and continue to heal my body. Thank you Kelly for this amazing mind/body/spirit  journey."

MJD ~ Oconomowoc, WI

"Over the last few years, I have completely run out of options to treat my allergies. I have had sinus surgery, tried 5 years of allergy shots, and been on 3+ medications for the last 10 years to try to make my allergies manageable, but they have only been getting worse. There was nothing more I could do but struggle through the day until my mom recommended that I try colored light therapy with Kelly. I honestly was skeptical at first that this would have any effect on my allergy problems, but because I had no other options, I was willing to give it a try. To my pleasant surprise, the light therapy helped me immensely. I was only able to see Kelly 3 times when I came back to Wisconsin for a short vacation, but even in just those few sessions, my allergies improved greatly. I was able to stop taking my strongest allergy medication (which was also giving me high blood pressure), and reduce another medication to half the dose. And 2 months later, even without further therapy, my allergies remain reasonable!! With further sessions, I have no doubt I could be allergy free, so I do plan to visit Kelly the next time I come back to Wisconsin. In the meantime, I highly recommend colored light therapy for any allergy sufferers out there. It has completely changed my life for the better!"


Cori, Age 25 - Glendale, AZ (September 2017)

"I have had the opportunity to experience light therapy several times with Kelly and have found the experiences to be very beneficial. During each session, there was a slight tingling in my toes as Kelly administered the UV light into my toenails.  This was followed by a rapid and discernable clearing of the nail. Apparently, the light exposure destroys fungus and allows the nails to grow naturally and healthy. 
Kelly is always cheerful and positive while administering the therapy, a pleasure to be around. I highly recommend Kelly and her treatment."

Bruce ~ Franklin, WI

"After using many conventional methods to address my daughter’s GI concerns, we began working with Kelly to figure out why she was still experiencing problems.  Kelly began by listening carefully to both me and my daughter as to what symptoms she was experiencing and when.  We also discussed the goals we had for my daughter’s health.  


Kelly used a combination of crystals, guided meditation, and light therapy to address our concerns.  During each step she made my daughter feel comfortable with her calm voice, gentle manner, and ability to connect with her.  


During the treatments, Kelly explained how the various spectrums of light and crystal elements work within the body and why she was doing each step.  The thoroughness of the explanations during the process was comforting and educational.  My daughter admitted feeling the effects of treatment right away and, as her mother, I could see them also.  


After a couple of sessions my daughter and I both noted improvement, but not to the full extent we had hoped.  Kelly then took a fresh look at her and identified a new element no one had considered before.  Once we took into account this newly identified element of my daughter's health, a more complete healing occurred.  


I am very grateful to Kelly for helping my daughter overcome her complicated GI issues that include allergies, genetic disorders, and anxiety.  Without her taking a fresh look at things, I know my child would still be experiencing the problems that had plagued her for so long.  Kelly used her therapies, in combination with other strategies she taught us to monitor her health, to heal her.  It has been several months now and my daughter no longer experiences the symptoms she had before working with Kelly. "


Traci ~ Waukesha, WI (June, 2017)

"Kelly is a brilliant, vibrant, insightful light worker expediting the healing of physical, emotional and spiritual injuries. Through the use of light, awareness and visualization, she helps open blocked neuropathways, awareness and visualization.


Kelly has dissipated and alleviated chronic areas of pain for me with her light expertise. I am feeling far less tension in my shoulders and subsequent numbing in my hands, my most reliable tools! Kelly will assist you in moving through your physical and emotional attachments to pain so your own light can shine!"


Karen A- Waukesha, WI (June 2017)

"Kelly's colored light treatments have blown my mind and body! To feel the rose quartz light moving up through my body, filling me with love, was a spiritually profound experience. And to smell the sulfur detoxing from my body that day and the next convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that this really works. She has such a vast and holistic approach through her mastery and  professionalism in a Color Point Session. This allowed me to relax in her loving care - confident in her skills. 
She is a fabulous listener, picking up on day-to-day themes and thought patterns and then applied various lights and tools for my specific healing needs. Her insights helped me integrate my night time dreams into my healing process. 
Kelly's passion about Esogetic ColorpunctureTM  is contagious! 
I believe in Kelly and the healing power of the Light Energy she offers."

Laura ~ Waukesha, WI